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K-Recertification Manager

K-Recertification Manager

Justify user permissions to your auditors.

  • Internal auditor
  • External auditors

A single stand-alone authorisation management unit cannot monitor the suitability of permissions granted to users.

Kleverware's approach is to integrate the entire account and authorisation review process through review campaigns.

With Kleverware IAG, you can manage every aspect of permission review campaigns from start to finish:

  • model your authorisation system;
  • create a 'snapshot' for review;
  • select a scope for the permissions under review;
  • divide the organisation up and assign review remits to approving officers;
  • monitor campaigns (progress, review statistics, managing notifications and reminders).

If you already have K-Audit, you can build on any modelling that has already been done using K-Recertification Manager. Such modelling will form the basis of your recertification campaigns.

K-Recertification Manager is fully integrated into Kleverware's web portal.

Campaign management is structured around the role of 'Campaign Manager'.

Automatic notifications

Approving officers involved in a campaign will receive automatic notifications at the beginning and end of the campaign. You can set up automatic notifications (daily or weekly) to inform approving officers of their progress. Users can be notified if the campaign manager changes the scope of the review during the campaign.

Each approving officer has access to their own 'My Review' interface, which is tailored to their remit. Navigation has been designed for (and in partnership with) end users, such as managing directors, IT officers and managers to optimise the time spent on reviews. Reviews are carried out online and their progress is monitored on an ongoing basis. The interface makes it easier to select the areas 'To be reviewed'.

Review campaigns are often an opportunity to 'tidy up' authorisations.

Should you wish to do so, you can use K-Recertification to compile withdrawal requests. These requests are sent to your request management system.

Managing your campaign

With Kleverware IAG, you can manage your campaign through a dedicated interface:

  • view general progress statistics, broken down by department, service or approving officer;
  • send reminders to approving officers whose progress falls below a certain percentage;
  • view permissions that have been reviewed, those that are currently under review, etc.

Traceability, audits

During and after your campaign, the auditor profile allows you to view everything that has been done during the campaign and to audit easily whether a permission granted to a specific individual is justified. You can see who approved the recertification, when and why.

By giving your internal or external auditors 'Audit' mode access, they can be completely independent for auditing purposes and have easy access to the evidence gathered during your recertification campaign.

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