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Data for analysis are initially sent in a range of different formats, depending on the technological environment they come from. Kleverware IAG converts and compiles these source data to generate files with fixed delimiters that can be used directly as part of an audit.

As it is not dependent on agents and thus does not interfere with the IS, Kleverware IAG brings together data from all types of technical environments and ensures that the data analysed are separated from the data used.

Kleverware IAG can handle data from the following environments:

  • Windows Active Directory ;
  • LDAP ;
  • RACF ;
  • Top Secret ;
  • AS400 ;
  • Unix ;
  • Lotus Notes ;
  • SAP ;
  • Oracle ;
  • Fichier RH ;
  • Tandem ;
  • CSV ;
  • SharePoint ;
  • etc


This list is not exhaustive and we are constantly developing our software to handle new file types in our laboratory.

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If two files have no common identifiers that can be used to gather all of the information defining a single user, Kleverware IAG can create a link using the data contained in the two files.

This involves designating, in each of the files, the types of data that are the easiest to use in creating this link. For users, these types of data could be surnames, first names, login details, trigrams or any other data that could be used to define a user.

Kleverware IAG then scores the elements contained in each file and produces the results in chart format. These results can be confirmed or amended by the user.

Identity management highlights the issues associated with user taxonomy. Thanks to these functionalities, Kleverware IAG can address common problems, such as:

  • homonymy management;
  • distinction by title or alias;
  • management of incorrect spellings of names;
  • identification of generic identities;
  • identification of incomplete identities;
  • identification of unknown identities.


By identifying the restrictions associated with the linking of files without common identifiers, Kleverware IAG helps to rationalise the user population.


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