Compliance for Identity Management 2020-08-21T16:58:51+02:00

Compliance for Identity Management

An identity control tool has to be able to follow the different regulations (i.e. SOX, LSF, Bâle, PCI DSS, Solvabilité) and security standards (i.e. ISO 27001 standard). This tool must be able to adapt to the evolution of regulations, and be customisable to meet your specific security requirements.

KLEVERWARE solutions streamlines internal controls and ensures the compliance of numerous regulations for a minimal cost and while saving time.

Kleverware IAG meets your needs in terms of following regulations, and lets you know when each regulation is in compliance according to a defined schedule. This data can be automatically sent to specific recipients.

Kleverware IAG also allows you to easily parameterise queries, which allows for compliance validation to be scheduled based on your company or organisation’s needs. These queries can also be automated and archived, and relevant information can be sent to specific recipients.