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Identity and Access governance

In an ever-open and interconnected world, access granted into your Information System is an entry point which poses a potential risk for malicious act.

Are you able to measure this risk and know who has access to the resources of your company?

Your internal Information System is composed of a variety of applications, some of which are in the cloud, while new external accesses are opening up (remote work, mobile applications). Therefore, it becomes crucial to establish a detailed, exhaustive map of the rights of your organization from identities to granted rights.

State of affairs

Mapping the current system

Do you have a project regarding authorization management? Does it involve the integration of an IAM? The remodeling of your rights management to roles management? The implementation of an SSO? Or perhaps the creation of an automatic rights control? The first thing to do is to map your current system!

To ensure that your project is taking the optimal path to your goal, you first need to know where to start.

Access governance

Account Reviews or Access Recertification

In order to prove to your auditors, whether it’s internal control or external auditors, that the rights granted to your users are legitimate, it is essential to completely integrate the account and authorization review process through constant campaigns.


IAG, Natural Complement of IAM

IAG (Identity and Access Governance) answers, in addition, all your questions regarding :