KuppingerCole releases an executive summary on Kleverware IAG.

Kleverware is a French software company that is focused on delivering a lean, targeted solution for Identity & Access Governance (IAG). IAG is a must for every business. Unfortunately, the way it is commonly done today is inefficient and cumbersome. It is latest time to review the approaches on Identity & Access Governance and implement lean concepts that help businesses to comply in an efficient manner, while also effectively mitigating business risks that derive from excessive entitlements.

Kleverware IAG is a solution that focuses on such lean approach and allows for rapidly implementing access reviews and entitlement reporting, and can easily collect and homogenize entitlement data across heterogeneous, complex IT landscapes, including SaaS services, business applications, and other tools.

Kleverware IAG delivers a lightweight alternative to full IGA (Identity Governance & Administration) deployments.

KuppingerCole is an international and independent analyst organization headquartered in Europe. It has focused its expertise in Information Security, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance (IAG) Risk Management &  Compliance (GRC).

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