Superposition statique

Mapping the current system

Do you have a project regarding authorization management? Does it involve the integration of an IAM? The remodeling of your rights management to roles management? The implementation of an SSO? Or perhaps the creation of an automatic rights control? The first thing to do is to map your current system!

To ensure that your project is taking the optimal path to your goal, you first need to know where to start.

Who has rights to what on your Information System? How are your authorizations granted — directly, in groups, or by more convoluted ways?

Too many existing solutions may force information into your data model. If you are given a table showing “Users” and “Profiles”, how will you be able to determine the proper authorisations given that information?

Various systems have different methods of granting rights. Several different methods may exist to access one resource. Having the appropriate tools will allow you to understand your current system by exhaustively mapping the authorization paths leading to your critical resources — which is necessary for streamlining projects.

Who, in which organization, and by which methodologie, has access to what critical resources?

The ability to know who has access to your company’s resources is the essence of the IAG (Identity and Access Governance). Mapping provides a good data model of your Information System and allows you to choose the right solution adapted to your needs. Thus, giving you optimal control on the ins and outs of your project.