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Risk mitigation

Identity and Access Governance is sometimes presented as a superficial layer of data security, but not as a real opportunity for risk reduction.

What’s the point of reinforcing the walls of your safe, if you don’t know who has the keys?

To properly protect your critical resources, knowing who has access to what information is the foundation of Kleverware IAG.

The example of Ransomware, described below, shows how to reduce the risks and effects of malicious acts

Of course, good access management does not mean good protection against ransomwares. Patch management, training, and user awareness, along with an effective antivirus are the first steps in preventing an attack.

However, even in an effective environment, it’s still very difficult to guarantee that malware can’t breach your system. If your system is breached, what are the effects? Likely, they will be proportional to the rights granted to the compromised user.

Recovery of corrupted files can result in the loss of one or more work days, implying costs in thousands to millions of Euros.

In many instances, with some recent cases in mind, between 50 to 75 percent of the rights granted to attacked users were not legitimate, thus significantly increasing the number of compromised files.

Training, awareness, good access management, and a thorough review of your granted rights using the appropriate tools will limit the liabilities if, or when, a breach happens.

Identity and Access Governance reduces the number of other risks

Knowing the number of users and their accessibility, as well as the growing number of applications, make access management more complex.

The need to work fast results in some individuals having access to information or resources they no longer need.

In numerous organizations, some granted rights are outdated and no longer valid.

How much of these rights are compromised? The answer to this question may take months to uncover with a toolless audit (that will be already obsolete after it is done) from a consulting team.

With increasing stringency on standards and regulations by your internal control and/or auditors, it’s even more important to know where your company stands in terms of Identity and Access Governance.

Today, to have complete control over risks associated with access management, companies must use a solution that allows them to check and modify rights granted to anybody, and everybody, with access to your Information System