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Kleverware since 2005

Since 2005, Kleverware has been an expert in Identity and Access Management. Innovation is an integral part of our DNA, so developing solutions to meet your needs is our priority. The security of your Information System is constantly evolving. An increase in number of tools and terminals constantly accessing your data increases your risks as well. Your collaborators are traveling more, and perhaps are using several devices to do their work. Perhaps, some previous collaborators might still have access to your data.

Security is everyone’s business and not just the CIOs. Providing data security to all of your collaborators is one of our goals.

As a pioneer and an expert in the field of IAG (Identity & Access Governance), our customers have applied our innovations in their company and observed a quick return on investment. Our Kleverware team, in constant and close connection with our R&D laboratory to provide effective solutions, has helped companies in France and abroad for more than 10 years.

Identity and Access Governance

Entry points to your Information System are multiplying which compromises security.
Do your collaborators have the proper access rights in accordance to their tasks?
Control your Information System easily with Kleverware solutions.
Since 2005, we’ve been a pioneer of IAG (Identity & Access Governance), providing our customers valuable, innovative solutions and a quick return on investment.

Risk Mitigation

Particular Identity and Access Governance solutions may seem superfluous.
However, they are an efficient way to reduce security risks.
Do you know who has access to what, how and why?
Kleverware gives you a flexible and innovative security tool that will allow you to easily analyze and control user rights.

Standards and Regulations

The standards and other regulations of your sector are constantly evolving.
However, not all Information Systems have authorization management tools.
How can you be sure that you are in compliance with regulations?
Kleverware solution will facilitate the integration of your new standards. In particular, this will help you with consolidate your accounts.

Auditors Recommandations

Account audits of your resources are often difficult.
How to simplify the task for your auditors?
Kleverware solutions allow you to trace and audit your Information System.
Our tools allow your auditors to analyse and easily complete their tasks.